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I see Dr. Q every 3 months for a medical condition. The botox injections are the most painless I have experienced. I have followed him and will follow him where ever he is. There is no better.

Submitted Dec. 11, 2014

DR.Q Is amazing as well as all his Staff are Wonderful!! Everything is state of the art in the facility all procedures were up to date. He has excellent manners,he is very caring and concerned about your personal concerns. He actually listens to you and gives you his honest answer in return. My experience was great to say the very least, Dr. Q and his Staff made me feel very comfortable about my whole experience in many areas of my different prodedures. He inform me before, during and after every entire procedure. I do and I will always highly recommend Dr. Q and his Staff!

Submitted Jan. 8, 2013

I have been to north county oral facial for three diffrent types of procedures and I am very pleased to say I left very happy each and every time and I look much more younger and I will keep going back for the rest of my life.

Submitted Feb. 7, 2013

I saw Dr. Qaqish to remove 3 moles from my face. I was very worried that I would have noticeable scars on my face. Dr. Qaqish did a fabulous job. It has only been 1 month and the scars are barely visible. The staff was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Qaqish for any type of facial surgery.

Submitted Jan. 4, 2013

Dr. Q is a perfectionist and wants the best of what YOU want. He takes his time to clearly explain the details of all your concerns and questions. He doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, he tells you the truth. He gently pointed out the reason I was in to see him wasn’t because of what I thought, and he took extra time to explain the what’s, why’s and how’s to me. I had a lot of surgery at one time. He and his WONDERFUL staff called that night (a few times) and in 2 weeks I am looking good, feeling good and my recovery process has been amazing, which goes to show you. Do what your Doctor says! Pre and Post Op. His staff is really invested in your success. Irene is the best! She tells it like it is and is compassionate of your needs. A friend and I had our surgeries 6 weeks apart and it’s clear how they recognize each patient’s individual needs. Rachel is awesome and it’s like they go through this process ‘with you’. I don’t feel like a patient, I am a part of their team.

Submitted Nov. 17, 2012

North County Cosmetic Surgery Center, excellent staff, beautiful and modern facility, Dr. Is excellent with great patient skills. Extremely happy and would recommend to everyone. I believe that consultations are free. I have not had surgery there, but I do know that their surgery center is rated the same as a hospital. I have had Botox and Juvederm there, and have been extremely happy, as the Doctor does the injecting.

Submitted Nov. 10, 2012

When I received botox & rejuviderm by Dr. Qaqish, he had an excellent approach that was literally painless. Previously, I had the procedure done in Mexico and it was extremely uncomfortable (brought tears to my eyes) and above all, I didn’t get the amazing results I received from Dr. Qaqish!! I would also like to compliment his staff for their competence and efficiency.

Submitted Nov. 9, 2012

Finally! Natural, consistent, lasting results! After years of hitting the Botox & Filler circuit, getting poor, mediocre results; fate smiled on me; I found North County Cosmetic Surgery, a beautiful state of the art facility. I discovered a treasure trove of face & body rejuvenation choices, surgical and nonsurgical. My consultation with Dr. Qaqish was very informative, he listened to my concerns, and presented all my options with genuine care, sensitivity & honesty. He covered the pros & cons, and thoroughly answered my questions, I never felt rushed. His staff are welcoming, and competent. Thanks to Dr. Q’s extraordinary skill with Botox, my forehead 11’s disappeared for 5-6 months after one treatment! crows feet which I believed immune to botox are now diminished, my lips responded beautifully to Dr. Q’s artistic Juvederm-wielding hand. Dr. Qaqish is a gifted surgeon who possesses both an artist`s aesthetic vision and specialized medical expertise to bring it all to fruition.

Submitted Oct. 26, 2012

Dr. Qaqish and his staff are all great. They put you at ease and are all very kind I had a lower face and neck lift 4 weeks ago and it is all healing very nicely. Dr. Q. called my home a few hours after the surgery to check up on me and to tell me to call him at any time if I had questions or concerns. I can see the difference my surgery has made and I feel and look like a new person. The facility is beautiful and all the staff are very professional and efficient. I would recommend Dr. Q. and the facility without any reservations. A job well done!

Submitted Sep. 2, 2012

Dr. Qaqish was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He was very sensitive to my needs and what I wanted to accomplish. His staff were very kind and professional.

Submitted July 27, 2012


My abbreviated interaction with doctor. Me: Hello Dr. Q , I need my lips done. Dr. Q: It’s good to see you, how are you?, you look good.. hmm your lips still look pretty good too, you don’t need a full syringe, maybe come back in a few months. Me: I agree they still look ok, considering I had no upper lip 2 years ago, but I want them refreshed! really i do! , I want to be vampish, and I don’t mean as in the old shoe definition. Dr. Q: Ok, lets see what we can do. We can use 1/2 of the Juvederm for your upper lip, I can balance out your upper lip’s left side, and use what’s left to fill the wrinkled indentation here (as he points to the corner of my mouth) Me: (the light bulb just went on) really?? hmmm soooo, Dr. Q what can we do for the remaining indents, creases that are around my mouth , will Juvederm address that? Dr. Q : Yes it will, Juvederm will help smooth out the area, if it’s something that really bothers you I can inject a 2nd syringe to fill the marionette line here, the crease here and here( as he points and touches the areas).. Me: YES!! lets do it!. Dr. Q : since we are doing 2 syringes, I will give you $50 off . Me: thanks, thats awesome! The actual procedure was painless, his nurse Jen is an angel, helping me ice pre-procedure and speaking to me in her signature reassuring manner during the procedure. The procedure was done within a few minutes. The rest is history.. I know a long review for lips/filler. I just feel very fortunate I have Dr. Q in my corner while Father Time’s hands reign havoc on my face. I trust Dr. Q’s opinion and direction, his surgery skills ( he performed my upper eye bleph/lower lid fat grafting/chemical peel last year) , and injection skills unequivocally . His patient coordinator Libby is extra amazing, she actually made my appointment within a day of me calling, she will make things happen, go the extra mile for you. Libby has a very calming and caring personality, as soon as you walk in she greets you with her bubbly and sweet welcome. Libby made sure I was comfortable in the chair while waiting, offering me coffee, water. we chatted like old friends. There isn’t a section for 10 Im putting them here: Dr. Qaqish 10 Stars for his infinite level of patience with me, his caring nature , and for understanding and putting up with my motive operandi (fussy, frugal patient syndrome) . Dr. Q is a board certified cosmetic surgeon, to have a doctor of this caliber performing filler and botox at an affordable price, equates to finding a rare gem. He can offer me the sun and moon, a plethora of body and face procedures, push for the slice and dice.. but thankfully he graciously lets me lead in the direction I want to go, this makes him an excellent listener , very cognisant of my cosmetic enhancing goals. In time I plan on having my neck and lower face lift done., im very excited about that too.. until then Im content with the non-invasive procedures he has available.

Submitted Nov. 2012

Dr. Q and his staff have been excellent. The surgical center is very modern and comfortable. It’s apparent that Dr. Qaqish is very busy, but he still gives you his full attention and is always on time. I was initially worried because he’s a licensed cosmetic surgeon (not a licensed plastic surgeon), but that worry was short lived. He’s devoted to his work and is inspired to help people look and feel their best. He’s honest and forthright and I completely trust his opinions and skill. I would recommend him to anyone interested in having this procedure.

Submitted Jan., 2014

Dr. Clement Qaqish of San Diego Surgical Arts his new practice , commencing summer 2014 10672 Wexford St., San Diego , CA San Diego Office Phone Number 858-263-1800 October 20th 2013 : 7 Weeks Post OP! I couldn’t be more pleased with my results! Dr. Clement Qaqish restored my eyelids and lower eye area to their former youthful state. Please review my pictures and Real Self story, this was SMOOTH SAILING FROM 1 HOUR POST OP THROUGH TODAY!! Dr. Q actually turned back the hands of time on my face by years! It’s miraculous to me. My family and friends swear he took 10+ years off my face, and eyes! I highly and enthusiastically recommend Dr. Qaqish. He’s unlike the stereotypical in a hurry, diva /god -complex – cosmetic surgeon doctors I’ve consulted with during my extensive search for a trusted, highly trained , cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Q was everything I was searching for plus more. One thing for certain, Dr. Q’s consults are patient centered, you are driving the boat so to speak, you are never rushed, or pressured into surgery, which I found refreshing. He took his time with me answering all my questions in layman terminology, even drawing pictures for me so I could fully understand his communication. He provided all the pros and cons of options discussed. I noticed he shared real examples, and got into the details of the procedure. Dr. Q is committed to keeping you healthy while simultaneously achieving your cosmetic surgery goal(s). Being a control freak, I was not an easy patient to deal with, however, Dr. Q always left his door open for me. I know…. Eyelid Surgery, you would of thought I was going through a face transplant with my numerous consults with him! He consistently exhibited professionalism, and sincere patience while addressing each of my concerns. Dr. Qaqish genuinely cares and wants you to be happy with or without his intervention. Dr. Qaqish performs his surgeries in-house, the surgery center is certified at a hospital level. This faculty is safe, new, and state of the art. You save a little money I’m sure as there is no hospital or out-patient surgery center charges, plus the address isn’t Beverly Hills or La Jolla.. (no offense , but I noticed rates were much higher due to location, and this alone did not insure a competent doctor!) Thanks to Dr. Q’s expert surgical team, I came out of my surgery with flying colors, my usual nauseous, vomit episode didn’t happen. I experienced no pain , no anxiety, and I wasn’t cold! something about surgery , I always come out of it freezing cold..this was the first pre and post surgery where I was all warm, comfortable (painless) and toasty. I encourage you to meet Dr. Qaqish, come armed with your goals, and all your questions, you will be happy you did.

Submitted Jan., 2014


Patient Testimonials