The Average Cost of CoolSculpting

Many of our clients wonder how much does CoolSculpting cost on average? Can it be covered by insurance? Are there any hidden expenses or fees that I need to be aware of? Those are all great questions that should be asked before you book your CoolScuplting procedure. Our friendly team at San Diego Surgical Arts is available to guide you through all of the details, to ensure that you feel confident and comfortable about what your options are.

Understanding Average CoolSculpting Costs

Average Cost of CoolSculpting SD Surgical

Like any other type of customized treatment, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all when it comes to CoolSculpting costs. When calculating the average cost of CoolSculpting, you’ll need to take into account your location, the number of treatments needed, the area of treatment on your body, and your aesthetic goals. However, so many of our clients are very surprised about how effective and affordable this small procedure can be. With minimal risk, no or little downtime, and no surgical incisions, CoolSculpting might be one of the cost-effective ways that can help you achieve that figure you have worked so hard for. The cost of CoolSculpting will depend on factors that are unique to your treatment preferences, goals, and body. Your personal CoolSculpting costs might vary depending on whether you want to book several treatments, tighten up your neckline or arms, or lose weight around your waist.

CoolSculpting Advantages

  • Straightforward and simple aftercare
  • No surgical incisions
  • Procedures may be completed in under 2 hours
  • No or little downtime

Your Specialized CoolSculpting Treatment

One of the very best qualities of CoolSculpting is being able to customize each treatment. The skilled technicians on our staff will customize the process to each of our client’s preferences and needs. Here at San Diego Surgical Arts, our staff takes the time to really get to know our patients, to help ensure that CoolSculpting is the right option for them.

How Much Does CoolSculpting usually Cost?

The cost of CoolSculpting may cost from several hundred up to several thousand dollars depending on the frequency and amount of your treatment. Our patients are often surprised to discover how affordable the procedure is when compared to other options such as weight loss surgery or liposuction. After our team has completed your consultation and makes the determination that CoolSculpting is an appropriate treatment for you, we will then supply you with a detailed summary of all of the costs, which includes any after-care recommendations that we have. That helps to ensure that our clients will know exactly what they can expect before they schedule their treatment and so that there are no surprises at any time in the process.

Your Consultation

At your initial consultation, we will discuss your weight loss journey with you. Have you recently lost or gained weight? Have you had any surgeries, procedures, or any major changes to your body recently?  We will look at your fitness or health goals that you have working towards, your medical history, and your diet. During the consultation, we will also discuss your exercise routine, diet, your lifestyle and aesthetic goals. Also, we will go over medical issues in order to ensure CoolSculting will be an effective and safe treatment for you. CoolSculpting might not be right for you if you have hernias, dermatitis, eczema, blood disorders, neuropathic disorders, open wounds, impaired circulation, cold-sensitive disorders or you are nursing or pregnant. After we have established that it is a good fit for you, we will start to build your personal treatment plan for CoolSculpting.

Are CoolSculpting Costs Covered By Insurance?

Many clients use their Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) towards medical procedures such as CoolSculpting, but most insurance providers might not cover CoolSculpting cost. For guidance and more information, check with your insurance company.  

CoolSculpting San Diego Treatment Options For You

CoolSculpting has developed into one of the more popular treatments for both women and men across the country. It is a great option for anybody who is trying to target those hard-to-lose weight places such as the neck, arms, thighs, back, and stomach. CoolSculpting is used by many male clients of ours to deal with stubborn lower back fat or stubborn belly fat that is still lingering after losing a significant amount of weight. Many of our female clients use CoolSculpting to minimize fat in areas such as the lower abdomen, legs, or arms. When combined with quality rest, plenty of water, healthy diet and active lifestyle, CoolSculpting has been able to help hundreds of clients be able to achieve the toned and light appearance that they have been working so hard to achieve. Do you wonder whether CoolSculpting can help you? Book a free consultation with us today to learn more about the process.

CoolSculpting Treatment Frequency and After Care

Another great advantage that CoolSculpting provides is the process can be repeated in order to optimize your results. A couple of weeks after your procedure has been performed, your body will start to naturally head those dead fat cells that your treatment has targeted. Be sure to drink lots of water and other fluids to help the natural process of toxin flushing. After several days, the results of a more toned and slimmer appearance may start to become evident. As your body continues to heal, these effects will continue to become more apparent. Our caring team of professionals is available for check-ins at all times to ensure you feel healthy and comfortable throughout this process. All our patients, in fact, feel good knowing that the process of CoolSculpting has been approved by the FDA, and developed by scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard. If you desire, the treatment can be repeated in a few months or week following your first procedure. Our technicians provide the guidance that you need to ensure that your decisions are in line with all of the best practices and are safe.   

Are you ready to get started with feeling and looking your best? Contact us today to get your free CoolSculpting consultation booked and see if the cost-effective procedure is the right one for you.